Homer's Odyssey

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Well, it's been a pretty busy week here as Homer Simpson + Malware = quite the commotion.

It started off with USA Today, VNUNet and CNET, then appeared on Slashdot over the weekend. After that, the sheer joy at being able to use Homer Simpson pictures in tech-related writeups was evident. Who would have thought it would finish off with Matt Selman himself (the Simpsons scriptwriter responsible for the whole "Chunkylover53" phenomenon) writing about the situation.

Pretty nuts. Heck, I even got to do a four minute Podcast that (from what I've been told) goes out to around 100 radio stations in the States. I think the closest I got to crossing security with popular culture previously was ye olde net-war (that revolved around a "stolen" picture of Lindsay Lohan - long story), but this one has Homer Simpson in it so clearly it wins by default.

However, what a lot of people might have missed - in fact, I nearly missed it myself - was something that appeared shortly before the plug appeared to be pulled on poor old Homer. Here's a screenshot of his previous message history - you can see how many times it was constantly changing:

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Here's the final message I saw before the lights seemingly went out on Homer:


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That message is particularly interesting, because it refers to a group of individuals who were involved in this Comcast hack not so long ago. Were they involved here? Or are the real culprits simply blaming someone else?

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