Fast Track to Botnet Central

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Its true, you too can finally get into the botnet you always wanted.  Finally the ability to be a zombie computer under some losers control is yours!

Seriously though, becoming a victim to a hacker's botnet is incredibly easy.  These attacks are not typical to other forms of destruction found on the internet.  There true intent is usually to remain hidden from view until called upon.  In the case of FastTrackBot however there is a new objective.  FastTrackBot downloads several executable files that keep your computer clicking on the attacker's affiliate links.  These executable files keep the webpages in hidden iexplore.exe windows in order to hide the application from suspicious eyes.  If you're using X-cleaner, I suggest you take a look at the Expert Tab.  The Show All Hidden Windows function is great for showing you exactly what is open at the time.

replace ad.pngFastTrackBot phones home to several of these sites in order to keep the user clicks through affiliate links.

Aside from creating invisible windows to hog your bandwidth up, it also attempts to install a rogue anti-spyware application.  This is a popular technique when attempting to fraud the victim into leaking credit card information when actually attempting to purchase the fake product.  FastTrackBot inserts a fake security center that appears identical to the one found in Windows XP.

securitycenter.pngAs you can see in the address bar, this is not the actual security center.  Clicking anywhere on this window means almost certain doom in the worst way possible...a never ending stream of fake "YOU ARE INFECTED!!!!" alerts.

In order to kill the actual application, you have to remove it from memory first, then remove its autostart which is found in 5 different locations - or simply remove with our free Microscanner.

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