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In the last few days, we've discovered a program that attempts to get around certain privacy related features on Myspace groups (which are effectively mini-forums run by Myspace users). Note that the program doesn't attempt to do anything to individual end-users like infect their PC - and as long as you're not posting up personal / private information to Myspace groups that you don't want to risk being grabbed by nefarious individuals, you have nothing to worry about. (As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't post sensitive information to any third-party website in any case, but that's another story).

We're not posting up any additional information at this time, because we don't want to cause a mass stampede by people to grab the files in question and start using them left, right and center until Myspace has had a chance to tackle the problem.

For now, we've passed on everything to Myspace and hopefully they'll be able to resolve this speedily.

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