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As an avid fan of retro videogame systems, I spend a lot of time on EBay. One of the side benefits of using EBay so much, is that I regularly come across things like this, this and this. Highlighting these examples of online insanity is always useful to prevent people from being scammed. Indeed, even when hunting down a rare game console I can still find something that falls under the umbrella of "helping people to not lose money in a spectacular fashion", and then throw some light in its general direction. It all helps, and shows that even when you're off-duty, you're still on-duty, somehow.

Recently though, my ability to find (and then talk about) weird and not-so-wonderful things on EBay has run into a bit of a roadblock - sadly, that roadblock is EBay itself.

Previously, you'd type in what you're looking for, expand your search to Worldwide then throw in EBay stores too. It was the best possible way to uncover oddities that needed further exploration from around the globe - and the "worldwide" variable would stick around, so a rapidfire selection of searches could then ensue, from fake mobile phones to sellers listing 100 Wii consoles at a time (usually a sure sign of a hacked account or twelve).

Now? Oh dear, let's see what we have:

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Rounded edges...

Bright and colourful...

.....and a completely broken search feature. Every single time you look for something, you have to re-enter the "search worldwide" and "add shop" options because it no longer remembers that you've selected them. Hence, rapidfire searching (with a large set of different search strings and variables) becomes one long slog - especially as you're forced to enter additional information in a slow loading popup box.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Two Point No, where even the most functional of websites needs to be jazzed up with the numbers Two and Zero after it, just to look a little more impressive.

It might not actually work very well after the change, but I think that's only an incidental concern...

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