Seen In The Wild: Guinness Book of Records Chain Letter

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A chain letter supposedly related to a Guiness Book of Records attempt that has been sighted in various forms in 2006 ([1], [2]), 2003, 2002, 2001 and 1998(!) has resurfaced again, this time in one or more schools in the UK. While you might have seen the contents of the letter republished on various websites from time to time, this may well be the first time you'll see the actual letter complete with envelope! First off, here's the letter:


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Note the part where it says "You don't need a stamp but you must write Guiness Book of Records on the envelope to get the free postage on it".

Of course, it's all nonsense. What actually happens, is that the people the letter is sent to will receive a card through the door from their local post office depot telling them a package is being held and needs to be paid for. When they pay up, they'll see an envelope that says this:


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Note the "Deficient Postage" stamp, along with the total they have to pay.

Here's the back of the envelope (along with the list of previous recipients of the letter, which we've blanked out for obvious reasons):


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With a lot of chain letters, there is usually something involved to benefit the original sender in some way, be it financial or gathering of PII. However, in this case it appears to do little other than clog up the postal service and take a small amount of money away from every single person the letter is sent to. Anyone that receives this mail should do the sensible thing, and mail it directly to your paper shredder.

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