Photobucket And NeTDevilz

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We're getting reports that a few hours ago, Photobucket was "hacked" (I hesitate to use the term until we know the exact method used to have you see this when visiting Photobucket):


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The message is from "NeTDevilz", a Turkish hacking group. Photobucket is currently back online, though I've no idea if everyone's photographs have been restored yet. More as we get it..

/ Update - Okay, this is interesting. Nobody at Photobucket is saying anything about this, bar one solitary post on their forum.

"On Tuesday afternoon, some users that typed in the URL were temporarily redirected to an incorrect page due to an error in our DNS hosting services. The error was fixed within an hour of its discovery, but due to the nature of the problem, some users will not have access to Photobucket for a few hours as the fix rolls out. It is important to note that only a portion of Photobucket users encountered the problem and that no Photobucket content, password information or other personal information was affected by the redirect."

They won't say anything more than that, but to be "temporarily redirected" to a Turkish Hacking groups page defacement due to an error in DNS hosting services is pretty, uh, unique? An interesting critique of the situation can be found here.

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