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A lot of wannabe hackers - kids, mostly - have the idea to set up a forum, then go running to the first free forum provider they can think of. In my experience, just because the host is free doesn't mean they'll automatically be a host that tolerates hackers, spammers and all the other nefarious characters out there (in fact, it was a free host that actioned the quickest takedown I've ever been involved in - from start to finish, something like four minutes in total).

Anyway, I see this on Myspace:


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When I arrived, the site had already been shut down but it's the page displayed that makes me curious:


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The above seems to suggest some sort of automated "blocking / flagging" system in place that runs on behalf of the people running the free forums. There's a little more information available on their frontpage, but other than that I can't seem to dig out much information on it. Anybody know anything else about Onlineguardian? Seems like a useful tool for forum providers...


Christopher Boyd,

I did some research and you probably came up with the same stuff I did on the term "Online Guard".

On some website it's explained as a type of malware as for example on this website:


But the website: "www.onlinegaurdian.net" claims it checks websites via it's software and hardware solutions for malicious content and behaviour. It also posts links to the French Interpol and the Internet Watch Foundation.

In conjunction with registered domains (and I quote from the website) "[it is an] agreement with the web hosts communities affiliated to its network...[that]..reserves the right to take necessary measures".

The whois record (http://who.godaddy.com/WhoIs.aspx?domain=onlineguardian.net&prog_id=godaddy) as given by godaddy.com's database is given to a company called "DomainsbyProxy.com" which handles in keeping business contact details private. So unfortunately who owns "OnlineGaurdian.net" and why he wants to make his compnay's details private are very mysterious.

It's ironic that the website that is serving up blocking features for malicious content is also hiding behind a privacy blocking mechanism. Hilarious!

As a side note:

"onlineguardian.com" Whois Record is somehwat mysterious as it's registered to a business down in Grand Cayman Islands. Kinda reminds me of the Spy Game movie.

Hey, thanks for posting up this additional information. I'd have replied sooner but have had horrendous login difficulties where commenting is concerned!

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