Family Guy Goes AWOL

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There I was on Youtube, and I happened to see the following advert:


Free Family Guy Cursors? Count me in! Clicking the advert takes you to the site underneath the image (


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....hmm, I'm not seeing any free Family Guy action yet. The "Go to download page" button is also faintly alarming. Perhaps if I scroll down a little:


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Okay, that's an improvement...I guess. At least Family Guy is mentioned on the site. However, click any of the images and you're taken to another website:


Click to Enlarge is where I've ended up, and not a single Family Guy related item in sight at this point - only a page urging me to download and install a toolbar. Will I see something related to Family Guy if I continue?


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.....well, I now have a toolbar but I'm still no closer to seeing anything remotely related to Family Guy. After clicking some random buttons, the closest I got to it was this:


Of course, the domain promoting the "Family Guy" material is registered via Domains By Proxy so I have no idea who is running it. Hopefully IAC (who have spent a lot of time and effort addressing issues like this) will look closely at this one.

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