EBay Computer Checks, Coming Soon...

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Anyone logging into EBay at the moment will see this:


In addition, more detail is included in an email they're sending out to users which reads:

"We'd like to let you know about some new steps we're taking to help prevent fraudulent unauthorised activity on eBay accounts.

Later this summer, we'll begin checking the computer you use to list an item to see whether it's one of the computers you regularly use. If you list an item using a different computer (e.g. at a friend's house, in a hotel, at the library), we'll ask you to confirm that it's really you listing the item.

Confirming your identity is easy. We'll make an automated call to one of the phone numbers on your account - you can choose which one. If you can't receive a call at one of those numbers, you'll be able to add another number by answering your secret question, or verify your identity with us in Live Chat."

Could this help curb the rising tide of auction wreckers and hijacked accounts selling fictitious laptops? Time will tell...

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