Credit Card "Hack Pack" Is Flavour Of The Month With Script Kiddies

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There's a collection of credit card hack / generation tools currently in circulation, and apparently quite popular with the script kiddies. With programs seemingly dating back from 1995(!) up until the present day, there's something for everyone in this little bundle of "joy".

Here's what you'll see when the files have been unzipped:


The folders give dates from 2006 to 2008, though the dates of the included programs stretch back quite a way further than that. One of the programs inside the folders is dated as 2001:


As you can see, it's a fairly basic Credit Card generator / validation program. The rest of the programs are something of a mixed bag indeed, some of them don't actually work (not that I'm complaining). For the old school connoisseur, here's an ancient program going back to 1995:


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The most notable program included would probably be something called Credit Wizard, which seems to make up the majority of the bundle with updated releases in each folder:


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As you can see, it comes with most of the options of the other tools and also comes with an "Info Generator", which allows you to create fake names & addresses at the push of a button. There are a few URLs included in the zip which seem to point to Argentinian hacking sites, but as they all seem to be down, there's no way to verify if they distributed this collection or are just getting shout-outs from their friends. Either way, not the greatest thing to wake up to on a Monday morning...

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