Another Site Asking For MSN Login Credentials....

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If there's one thing I hate, it's the amount of sites out there that ask people to hand over their login details for IM - usually they offer something in return (however awful) for allowing them to spam and promote their website via Instant Messaging, but in this case you don't even get that. In case you hadn't guessed yet, this is another site tied to the wonderful collection operated by TST Management, supposedly in Panama but actually having a hand in the tasty pie that is China.

Check it out, a colleague of mine was sent this yesterday:


Note how the uninvited spammer has the first part of their EMail address as the first part of the domain name they're linking to - presumably to make it look more like they're sending you a link to their personal homepage. Nice gimmick.

Anyway, click the link and you see this frankly bizarre, uh, "reinterpretation" of the real MSN Login screen:


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We're left to guess exactly what we're going to get in return for signing up. The MSN box says "Pics for MSN Friends" - however, enter your login details and....


No matter how many times you try to access this "service", you're told your login is wrong.

Bit peculiar. Even worse, look what appears in the bottom corner of the screen even as I'm being told my "login has failed":


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At the exact moment my "login has failed", I'm being told that I've mysteriously signed in to Messenger on another computer - presumably, trying to send spam promoting the site (though in this instance, my contact didn't receive any messages so maybe their system is on the blink).

At any rate, add imagegallerys(dot)info to the ever-growing list of sites related to this wonderful online venture...

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