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There are lots of sites out there that cater to a hacking / cracking audience. Some are better than others, some aren't as malicious as others, some encourage a little common-sense, some throw caution to the wind and are punished soon afterwards. A few develop a very large audience, and so I was vaguely surprised to see this when seeing if there was anything interesting going on today:


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Quite a few sites have been up and down recently - add one more to the pile, I guess. The bit that caught my eye was the reference to not wanting to spend six years in prison. A note of caution, or something more? This particular site has been under constant DDoS attack lately - perhaps the strain of dealing with issues such as those have taken their toll. Either way, this site has been one of the main players in the underground scene for a very long time, so it's rather odd to see it suddenly fall off the radar like this. I doubt the full story will come out - and sometimes, it's really better not to ask...

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