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Here's a curious file that relies on the power of a shock to the system for anyone wanting to indulge in some hacking and cracking action. Namely: stealing MSN Messenger passwords.

Upon firing up the "program" (which is actually a batch file, giving some hint as to the actual nature of the payload), the user sees this:


Seems to good to be true, doesn't it? Sure enough, a few seconds later and...


At this point, the end-user silly enough to run this file is probably thinking their PC is going to go up in flames - however, nothing actually happens and your PC will continue to function as normal. Has someone created this to deter wannabe hackers from jumping on the "steal everything" bandwagon? Or is this just a gag by hackers at the expense of noobish newcomers?

(Additional Research: Deepak Setty, FSL Senior Threat Research Engineer)

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