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If you got this in your mail, would you be curious?

Subject: UN Diplomatic Passport & Swiss Private Bank Accounts

Union Privacy Ltd

Union Privacy group is the world's largest provider and expeditor of global travel documents and passports. We service people, companies of all sizes, from small neighborhood businesses, to large tour and cruise ship operators, to most of the FORTUNE 500. Union Privacy has the unique advantage of offering clients the best of all worlds - highly trained visa and passport professionals combined with attention to flexible, responsive service.

We offer Comprehensive guide to obtaining second passports and citizenships, camouflage passports, new identities, legal residency and more.

Through our long time reliable and trusted contacts at governmental level, we are finally able to offer a genuine United Nations Diplomatic appointment and passport from a respected UN member country. Also you can take apart in our Passport Programs for your Second Passport (even with New Identity).

I certainly was. Find out what happened after the jump...

My, where to begin? Exploring the website the email originated from makes me a little wary - for starters it mentions "Camouflage Passports". Traditionally, these kinds of documents do not have a very good reputation:

The passports' manufacturers claim that the camouflage passports cannot be regarded as counterfeit passports because they are not purporting to be documents that are internationally recognized. This is however highly questionable as the passports pose as documents of former (but real) countries, and in some cases documents issued by these countries before their dissolution are still valid. Furthermore, the majority of the countries did not simply vanish. Instead they have transformed into different legal units or entities who have taken over their administrative authorities, including passport issuance.

...whether a simple possession of a camouflage passport is illegal in countries other than those listed above depends on the legal specifics of the individual country, it is however likely that authorities in any country will not look too kindly on a discovery of fake identification documents."

That alone is enough to make me wonder what on Earth I've just been sent. However, things take on a stranger appearance at this point. With regards obtaining my "UN Diplomatic Passport":


Yes, the first thing you see is text informing you that the only appointment available is "In Southern Africa". Furthermore, you have to fly out to the host country to meet the "Head of State". Additionally, you need $45,000 lying around AND you have to pay a "referral fee" upfront before they'll actually do anything. Oh, and you have to send them proof of funds, too. Once you've done all of that, you also need to send:

If (paying) via Credit Card : please attach the following scanned copies and send us via e-mail :

a. A scanned copy of your passport (photograph and signature must be visible)

b. A scanned copy of another Photo ID (Driving License, Military ID, State Issued ID) (photograph and signature must be visible)

c. A scanned copy of Bank Statement or if you place an order with credit card , a scanned credit card billing statement is required.

d. If you place an order with Credit Card, a scanned copy of your credit card (both sides)

I think I'll pass on the offer, thanks anyway.

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