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  • Random Skype Conversations With A Bulgarian...Sort Of

Here's an extract from an odd chat I had today with someone claiming to be a "hot chick from Bulgaria". There's a fair amount of text, so read on if you fancy hearing about how I spent the afternoon being bombarded with pornography and something that reeked of "infection file"....

[13:43:42] CaMu says: hi hi hi
[13:44:41] Paperghost says: hello
[13:44:52] CaMu says: :))))
[13:45:28] CaMu says: How are you What is your name
[13:46:07] Paperghost says: Chris, and you?
[13:48:22] CaMu says: SAmi
[13:48:23] CaMu says: :)
[13:48:31] CaMu says: pic ?
[13:48:58] Paperghost says: dont have one here, sorry. where are you from
[13:49:34] CaMu says: BUlgaria
[13:49:37] CaMu says: :P
[13:49:48] CaMu says: you
[13:49:50] CaMu says: ?
[13:49:59] Paperghost says: england
[13:50:10] CaMu says: WOW
[13:50:13] CaMu says: :)

...yes, "wow". I have a feeling this is going to end up with a request to check out a webcam or something...

[13:50:17] CaMu says: qko bace
[13:50:42] CaMu says: sorry this is not english
[13:52:57] Paperghost says: no problem
[13:55:57] CaMu says: oks
[13:56:05] Paperghost says: do you have a picture?
[13:56:51] CaMu says: yes
[14:09:35] Paperghost says: cool, is that you? do you have a website?

See how I'm cutting to the chase here? I should get bonus points for dispensing with the pleasantries and getting right to the "Show me your webcam site" part.

[14:12:54] CaMu says: Did it right see . . . after all me now I am bulgarian All bulgarians are beautiful . . . It is not i that have website.. sorry

...huh, okay. They don't have a website? But how are they going to bill me $19.99 a month? And then...all of a sudden....

[14:13:09] CaMu изпраща файловете "pic254663.jpg", "ΦΦΦΦΦ.jpg" до участниците в чата.
[14:13:24] CaMu изпраща файла "Image16.jpg" до участниците в чата.

....they start sending me pictures. Pictures of naked amateurs, at least one of whom is a recognisable American porn star. I wonder if they'll claim they're all of her?

[14:19:54] Paperghost says: good pics!
[14:21:33] CaMu says: ;)

....in hindsight, not the smartest thing to say because I'm suddenly drowning in a sea of Bulgarian porn. And although it probably isn't displaying correctly, a lot of the text is in Russian...

[14:22:43] CaMu изпраща файловете "thumb_37763.jpg", "9236.jpg", "9237.jpg", "148859.jpg", "155788.jpg", "160643.jpg", "original_77701.jpg", "original_91707.jpg", "original_201502.jpg", "original_274304.jpg" до участниците в чата.

[14:24:17] CaMu says: Do they fancy those You. . ? ? ? We are for my girlfriends in them and the all are bulgarians

That's a whole lot of fake Bulgarian porn, right there. And oh my, she DID claim the pictures are of her (well, some of them anyway). Is this actually going somewhere, though?

You bet....

[14:26:24] CaMu says: The pornography-movie wants that I to mail Li out. . I Be
[14:27:52] CaMu изпраща файла "BG sex - Minet4iika Ot Stara Zagora Dyha I Gulta Spermata (XXX PORNO).avi" до участниците в чата.
[14:41:57] Paperghost says: oh dear you went offline

...yes, "oh dear". The person at the other end attempted to send me a movie file of some description, and then suddenly vanished. Obviously this means I never received the "movie file", but I'm willing to bet that the file in question probably contained a nasty surprise.

Interestingly, I found a similar experience here - same pattern, same gimmick ("Bulgarians" using lots of Russian text) and the conversation even ended with a random insult. Bonus!

If you think this is the part where I get all preachy and advise never to accept random image / movie files from strangers, you'd be right. If anyone else out there has had a similar experience, please feel free to share your tales of pornography bombardments and random insults...

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  • Comments

Well it really is Bulgarian text/language.
It is very similar to Russian - we are sharing same alphabet. It is possible to distinguish them by character encoding windows-1251 is the Bulgarian, KOI-8 is Russian,Well with utf8 it is difficult to distinguish without knowing a bit of both languages.

But I am almost sure that you are communicating wit male teenager, because the slipped off phrase 'qko bace' (it is slang meaning near to Cool dude/Cool mate) is common in male teenagers jargon.

So it looks like sort of crude teenage game, possibly with friends in any internet cafe.

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