Misleading Download Accelerators...as seen on TV

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So I was wandering around siteadvisor and came across this site.

Orly?  What channel?  These guys have been pushing their application as a download accelerator for torrent clients like uTorrent.  According to the description seen above, it also does everything but get you a cup of coffee.  If you actually download and run the file "setupclickhere.exe" then you'll soon discover you've been had.  Instead of defying the internet and downloading at 100Mb, you'll be given a FREE hidden application that surfs to affiliate links of the designers choosing.

app.PNGAs you can see the attacker has chosen these 5 links to legit sites through an affiliate network.  How are these links chosen you ask?  Well upon running the threat, it goes to another website related to coolfreedownloads.net where its just a simple matter of changing the text on a html file (http://www.{BLOCKED}com.info/info1.htm).  This allows the attacker to change what affiliate links he wants his victims to surf to in order to give the most profit. 

Of course the victim is hardly aware of the attack since the pages are surfed through hidden Internet Explorer pages.  Don't panic though!  If you think you've been infected by this program you can run our extremely nifty online scanner!  We detect this threat as HighSpeedTorrent.

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