It's A Trap!

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I had this waiting for me in my Myspace friend request box today:


...uh. I had pegged this as a standard fake profile, but the addition of the personalised "Why, hello there" message wasn't something I'd seen before with one of these fake profile requests. A look at the profile, and...
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.....strange - not the usual fake profile hurling adverts for ringtones, Adware and who-knows-what at me. It's a bit arty, a bit daring - certainly in your face, but for once, it's not adverts and scams in your face, and that's a refreshing change. Could it all go wrong with the "About Me" text though?


Apparently not. There's no mention of the latest Viagra pills or even a webcam. This is weird. It's almost too good to be true.


Click anywhere on the page, and (courtesy of an invisible overlay)....
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Doh! And we were doing so well for a while there...

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