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You've seen it a thousand times before in malware infections.  A Trojan Downloader that installs another Trojan Downloader which installs blah blah blah until you have a Russian Doll scenario.  By the time you notice your being attacked, its probably already too late.  The trojan in question here is called Trojan.Bind.

added.PNGAnd thats just what was installed before my PC started giving me "Virtual Memory Low" messages.  The threats installed here range from a harmless hijacked start page to a new BHO in your browser to a rootkit thats designed to sniff around the network of the infected PC. Just to name a few known threats installed by Trojan.Bind are:

IE Invoker

Most of the infections installed by this trojan are known, but there is really no perfect solution of prevention.   The best way you can prevent this from happening to you is to MIND YOUR CLICKS.  Don't click anything unless your sure you know what it is.  Most malware these days comes from China.  So if you look down at the bottom of the browser and see "http://www.blahblah.CN" (emphasis on the .cn part) then be cautious. 

The next thing you should do is make sure you have the latest definitions from your anti-virus or anti-malware application.  It is a CONTINUOUS struggle to fight all the baddies that are after your computer.  Whether its for theft or just plain destruction, one click can lead to a disaster for you and your computer.  We currently detect and remove for all the threats installed by this trojan.

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE:  While testing this trojan, the fan on my PC starting making awful noises, then subsequently passed away.  Coincidence?

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