Myspace: Who Is Watching The Detectives Part 2

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about a technique that could be used to track the people hunting bad guys on Myspace. Well, I was curious how long this had been in circulation for. Thankfully, some of the people using this are pretty stupid so of course, wandering through their photo galleries proved particularly useful:


Check out the date - October 26th, 2007. So this has been in circulation since at least that date....oh dear. Note that this particular individual talks about using it in conjunction with IP trackers, too. I've been somewhat out of the loop on this one due to attending conferences, but I've just tried it out again and can confirm that it still works.

As we said in the original blog entry, if you don't want people to track you in this way (until Myspace actually fix this) then add the following to your HOSTS file:

...and you should be fine.

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