Paying For Hosting With Virtual Money

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Wayne Porter often talks about virtual worlds - indeed, I was roaming around in The Matrix Online for the longest time (with occasional rants about how bad it was) - but here's an odd proposition.

Don't pay for your web-hosting with real money - pay for it in Habbo Hotel Credits and Furniture instead. From the site in question:

"Habboshosting has been around since November 2006. Since then it has been dedicated in offering the highest quality hosting and will continue to do so into the future. We offer a unique oppotunity for any habbo and every habbo to easily buy web hosting, via credits and Furni!"

It's the first time I've looked at hosting packages and seen 5000MB of bandwidth and 500MB of disk space offered for five Habbo credits. I'm not sure how the host could make money from this, but I guess they must do if they've been around since 2006. Perhaps Habbo fan sites don't take up many resources or something. At any rate, one of the stranger things I've seen this week...

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