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  • Myspace Shutdown Prank

Myspace hacking tools are a magnet for wannabe script kiddies and leet hax0rs. Here's the latest one I've seen in the last couple of days:


....ooooh. But wait, it gets better:


I've no idea who "Paul & Nick" are, but they'll probably attract a fair amount of people to this application (that weighs in at a tiny 24kb in size) before they realise it's a fake. Enter the Myspace page that you want to target (or leave it blank!), hit the "Hack" button and....


Whoops. Thanks to a line of code that says this:

00002A24 00402A24 0 shutdown -f -s -t 0

...the PC (as you probably already guessed) does indeed shutdown:

Click to Enlarge

No lasting harm is done to any PC that the file is run on. We detect this as Myspace.Shutdown.

Research Summary Write-Up: Chris Boyd, Director of Malware Research
Additional Research: Peter Jayaraj, FSL Senior Threat Researcher

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