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Yet another site has popped up, offering to tell you if your MSN Contacts have blocked you. In this case, an email was sent to me by one of my contacts, directing me to "hasdoneit(dot)com"


Note that it mentions it will tell me who has blocked me - this will be important later on.

As soon as I hit the page, a (fake) MSN Messenger box popped up in the bottom right hand corner with a pornographic web-cam image in it:

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Different images continue to cycle if you remain on the page. As I typically see these kinds of sites aimed at teenagers and younger children, this is obviously some cause for concern (clicking the image leads you to a hardcore webcam site).

Terms and Conditions for this kind of site are always confusing at the best of times - in this case, you have to read a ToS translated from its original language.

Nope, I've got no idea what they're saying either. If your contact enters their login details onto the website, they'll suddenly look like this on your MSN Messenger contact list:


The "results" they'll see on the website will look like this:


Note that it says who has deleted you, who you no longer have on your list (wouldn't you already know this by virtue of the fact that you deleted them in the first place?) and who YOU are blocking (again, wouldn't this be rather obvious)?

It does NOT reveal "who is blocking you" as the Email claims, because I tested this with two addresses (one of which was blocked), and nothing told me that this was the case. There doesn't seem to be any icon or indicator used on their results page to indicate who has you blocked, either which seems a little peculiar.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: NEVER enter your MSN Messenger login details onto a website that isn't a part of Microsoft. At best, you're opening yourself up to spam and adverts being sent from your account; at worst, you face a total hijack and permanent lockout from your services. The Siteadvisor coverage of the site isn't very promising, and as one reviewer says, why would you willingly hand over your login details to a site registered anonymously via Domains By Proxy?

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