Facebook Accounts Hijacked, Child Torture Pics Uploaded to Profile?

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I'm still trying to process this to be perfectly honest, but one of my close contacts has confirmed there is someone going around either hijacking, hacking or phishing user accounts on Facebook, then randomly uploading pictures of child torture to their photo albums and / or funwall.

.......yeah, that's messed up right there.

So far, I have one definite confirm on at least two accounts that were taken over (most likely by the same individual), one of which had the child torture pictures uploaded to it and the other - well, it wasn't child torture but it nearly cost someone their marriage, according to my friend.

This happened a few weeks ago, and Facebook apparently haven't replied to the person who raised it with them yet. I've also heard a few mutterings about other accounts taken over with extremely dubious content posted to them, but nothing confirmed on those yet.

Obviously, if you're at work (or even at home) and you suddenly click into the kind of material mentioned above, you could get into all sorts of trouble real fast. While I'm not about to suggest everyone jumps out of Facebook right this instant, I would advise extreme care with your login credentials while this lunatic is on the loose.

My friend (who reported the hacked profile that was on his friends list) has confirmed the lady who was hacked didn't save any of the images (which is understandable, really). So no blanked out screenshots to show you - if we get confirmation of these postings, we'll update with more information as we get it...

/ Update - As I've said here, this is NOT a "wave" of attacks, merely two profiles that have apparently been tampered with. Remain vigilant, but please, no need to start panicking.

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