World of Warcraft Players: Beware Fake Beta Test Invites!

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This is a World of Warcraft Time Card. If you play games online that require payment, you can either pay by direct debit or keep buying these cards which entitle you to x amount of days gameplay.

This was posted to a forum yesterday, and could easily have made the leap from "how about this.." to "currently in operation":


A lot of stores seal these cards in clear wrapped plastic to prevent tampering, but apparently not all, as the poster claims:

"The time cards are kept behind the counter and the boxes out front, you grab the box bring it up to the front and they slip a time card in and throw one of those round plastic dealies over the flap. Even if they are sealed with the plastic stickers fold the pamphlet in half and slip it into the bottom of the box.

On top of that the plastic sticker is put on by employees of the retail store, It is not hard at all to find someone to assist you in this endeavor. I would even go work part time at (store removed) in the evenings if I knew I had someone solid backing me up with a idiot proof phishing site."

If you happen to purchase a World of Warcraft Time Card and a pamphlet falls out inviting you to a closed Beta, contact Blizzard Software to ensure it's legitimate before you hand over your details....

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