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  • Myspace Advert Tricks End-Users With Fake Facebook Application

Here's an interesting advert I saw served up on a random Myspace page today:


We're looking at the box that says "You've got a Crush: You have 2 crush requests from your friends list!!"

Does the image beneath the text look familiar? It should, because it's the graphic used when installing applications on Facebook:


Of course, there's no application to install here - click the box, and you're redirected to a site pushing mobile phone messages (£2 a message, four messages a week) that supposedly tell you who has a crush on you:

Click to Enlarge

It's also interesting that the creator of the advert chose to reference the recent Secret Crush application in their chosen image - don't they think anybody will immediately make that connection and steer clear?

I haven't seen this advert on any site other than Myspace so far. It's rather strange to see dubious ads on Myspace using well known Facebook images (namely, the graphic for installing applications) to gain the trust of end-users...

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