Don't Take This Program For A Spin

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Here's a prank application that might not be to everyone's taste - dubbed Win32.spin (and posing as a fake MSN Crashing program) called "Nudge Madness", anyone unfortunate enough to run this executable will suddenly discover the meaning of the phrase "very bad day".


Why? Well, running the application makes it attempt to open up (a shock meme site) 1,500 times on your desktop.

It wasn't so long ago that we covered the Rick Astley rickroll meme that somehow found its way into being combined with a spinning browser hijack of doom. It's interesting how hackers are now taking it to another level and combining shock memes with hacking / cracking tools.

You spin me right round, baby, right round...


Ah yes, the old "" gag. I hated that gag. I fell for it myself, of course. But this is complicated to do, just to get people there. Also, with Windows XP, the same type of programs get grouped together, when too many different programs get opened up. Therefore people can right-click and select "Close Group" which elminates the threat of family members noticing, right?

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