Hotmail and EBay Accounts Hijacked? Look No Further

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If you happened to login to Hotmail recently, found yourself locked out and presented with this at the Password Reset screen:
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...yes, your secret question is now in Chinese...then don't panic, because you're not alone. There seems to be a little outbreak of Hotmail accounts being compromised (likely via Phishing, though we have no evidence of the method used yet), and then from there, EBay accounts are hijacked. Most likely, this is to use those EBay accounts to sell dubious merchandise (or, more likely, pretend to sell merchandise then run away with the profit, leaving you with bad feedback galore).

Here's someone back in October complaining about it, and you'll see a few others at the end of the comments section here with the same problem. In all cases, you should go here to get help reclaiming your Hotmail account and go here to chat with EBay Live Support.

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