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It's worth remembering that it's not just social networking sites like Myspace that get all the hacker-style attention. Recently Friendster has had its fair share of wobbles, too.

From about July to August of this year, a virus was doing the rounds called "Saviour of the Seoul", which (at first glance) would likely seem to be a calling card for Korean hackers. Now, because I happened to do my University Dissertation on 20th Century Hong Kong Cinema - don't ask - I can add a little bit more to the thinking behind this, because I know that "Saviour of the Seoul" is a sly reference to a particularly crazy film from the early 90s resurgence of HK Cinema, called - obviously enough - "Saviour of the Soul" (minus the "e"). It makes no sense whatsoever, but it's very pretty. Anyway, for no good reason, our leet hax friends decided to name their virus after this film. If you had this appearing in your profile page code:


...then you'd have the words "Saviour of the Seoul" sitting in the bottom corner of your profile, quite often while the rest of the page remained blank. The only way to fix your profile at that point would be to scrub everything and start all over again.

There also seemed to be a slightly different version of this attack, where you'd have an image file placed on your profile instead:


...don't those Smileys look grumpy?

Anyway, over here, we have an apparent redirect to a .za domain. And finally, we have a rash of comments being posted to profiles that seems to say "hello", seemingly mixed in with some choice insults. To date, this final profile attack is still ongoing - we're looking into it, and will report back with any new findings...

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