SkypeDefender Doesn't Defend

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Skype were good enough to notify us about something they recently came across, and the results are pretty interesting. To kick things off, here's a victim complaining about the infection on the Skype forum. that? Okay, cool. Then let's begin:


As you might have guessed, that's the executable sitting on your desktop. Run it, and you'll see the following:


...oooh, the promise of plug-in excitement! However, what you see next should give the game away. Note the amazingly out of place login button on the fake Skype application:
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If you enter your login details, you'll be handed a "Your details aren't valid" message:
Click to Enlarge which point, your login credentials have been sent back to base. We detect this as Skype Defender - do yourself a favour, and ONLY download applications related to Skype from the official Skype website.

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