New Skype Worm On The Loose

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As mentioned on the Official Skype Blog, there is indeed a new worm in the wild - someone, somewhere came up with w32/Ramex.A as a name but I thought "Bubbles" was more appropriate, as you'll see.

Everything starts with a user downloading this file:
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Presented as an imagefile in the infection message, it's actually an .scr file - and no, that's not good.


This file has been compressed to perfection:
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....yep, that's 2k infection file. Yet there's a whole lot of trouble in such a small package:
Click to Enlarge you can see, the Worm tries to fool you into thinking someone really is on the other end by sending you what looks like fragments of a continuing conversation, finishing with a supposedly accidental sending of an image you're "not supposed to see".

Got to love that social engineering.

Here's a sample of some of the infection messages sent by the worm:
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But why did we call it "bubbles"? Easy, this is what you see when you attempt to open the .scr for the first time:
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Apparently, not everyone sees the bubbles when they run this file. I bet they really feel like they're missing out...

Research Summary Write-Up: Chris Boyd, Director of Malware Research
Technical Research: Chris Mannon, FSL Senior Threat Researcher


Can this work affect Macs as well, or just windows based machines.

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