JT.Moonwalk Dances Onto An MSN Client Near You

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Sometimes we obtain files and they just sit there, doing nothing. Here's a case where we went back for a second look and lots of IRC activity eventually kicked into life. This particular infection takes place as follows:

1) The bad guys infect your PC with an initial infection link, dropping you into a Botnet.

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2) The Botnet is fired up periodically and they deposit a collection of Zipfiles (each containing more infections) onto your PC.

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3) Infection commands are then sent via IRC to tell the infected PC to send your contacts infection links to the Zipfiles stored in your Windows directory.

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Some of the infection messages include

"Look at my new dancing movie"

"Look at me doing the moonwalk!!"

"Look what I found, more nude pictures of Justin Timberlake!"

We detect this (naturally enough) as JT.Moonwalk.

Research Summary Write-Up: Chris Boyd, Director of Malware Research
Additional Research: Peter Jayaraj, Senior FSL Senior Threat Researcher

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