How To Rickroll A Browser


Paperghost says: OMG
Paperghost says: OMG
Paperghost says: OMG

You have just sent a Nudge!

Gracie says: what
Paperghost says: TRAILER FOR SUPERMAN 2
Gracie says: im watching shaun of the dead
Gracie says: omg what
Paperghost says: [youtube link]
Gracie says: omg i'll watch it in the break
Paperghost says: ITS BEEN LEAKED
Paperghost says: OH WOW
Paperghost says: BATMABNS INS
Paperghost says: INI IT
Gracie says: WHAT
Paperghost says: BATMAN
Paperghost says: IS IN IT
Gracie says: WHAT
Paperghost says: BATMAN IS IN SUPERMAN 2!!!!!!
Paperghost says:[youtube link]
Gracie says: OH YOU LIE

......and that lame example of a Rickroll is all you need to know about the phenomenon. Or, you know, you could just read this then come back. It's okay, I'll wait for you.

.....we all back yet? Okay. There's currently quite a few sites out there pushing Javascript that will give you the mother of all Rickrolls. Yes, it's a good prank and all that. But one man's prank is another man's Death From Above, and with that in mind, anyone unlucky enough to be sent to one of these links will find (to their horror) that their browser resizes, and starts to dance around the screen to the strains of....well, you've probably guessed it...
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.....Rick Astley belting out "Never Gonna' Give You Up" as he flies about your desktop in a spinning browser hijack of doom.

But wait, it gets worse. Eventually, the browser stops dancing around the screen (in this case, Firefox, but it works with IE too) and the hapless victim attempts to close the browser before things can get any worse.

Sadly for all concerned, that's precisely when things start to get worse.
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Yes, anyone attempting to close the browser will find the creator took the time to insert every line of the song into popup Javascript boxes that flow one after the other like some Rick Astley based lyrical apocalypse. At this point, the only way to break free of the cycle (and start a few years of intensive therapy) is to bring up Task Manager and close the browser down. In Internet Explorer, this isn't too much of a problem - but while testing this in Firefox, occasionally it would break the profile and lock it - meaning you had to create another one.

This is sort of annoying.

With that in mind, always be wary if someone promises you a link to "totally amazing things" and double check the URL - if you happen to see: you hover over the link, then head for the hills. You can of course also disable Javascript to stop this from ruining your day.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to send my friend a link to Ghostbusters 3...

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