GTA: Hoodlife - Virus Attack is a Public Enemy

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Recently, there have been a number of weblogs, forums and chatrooms where spam messages advertising a videogame similar to the below have been posted:
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If you go to the YouTube video in question, you'll see the enticing prospect of what appears to be a "Grand Theft Auto game" (touted on the Modding sections of a number of GTA forums), though the modern day graphics seem to have taken a step back in 1986.
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As there have been a number of security stories related to YouTube in the media lately, let me say this right now: There is NO danger posed to your system through direct contact with the movie clips contained on the YouTube site itself...the "GTA Hood Life" clip is perfectly safe to play and watch. The bad guys are simply using movie files to advertise the bait (in the form of the game), at which point you go to an external website provided in the clip description text.
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As you can see, 54 people have downloaded the file so far. I love it when virus writers use free hosting services that give you a general idea of how much damage they're likely to have done (though of course the file could quite easily be hosted elsewhere, too).

Anyone in the group of 54 unfortunate enough to have executed the installer will see what appears to be a legitimate installer procedure:
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So far, so good. The installer completes, you run the game and once it finishes loading, you'll be doing drive-bys and coming straight outta Compton in no time at all, yes?



.....nothing to worry about, I'm sure. The Loader just seems to be a little slow, that's all....


Whoops. Looks like a hard knock life will have to wait (along with oversize novelty clocks) while we tackle the more immediate concern that not everything appears to be quite right with this PC. Yo.

Switching off the PC pretty much spells doom, gloom and other things ending in "oom" because once the desktop reappears, you'll discover that the only drive-by performed today was on your computer.
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As you might have guessed from the screenshot, your PC will shutdown (thanks to a pair of batch files) and you won't be able to do much with it unless you know about booting up in safe mode to avoid endless automated shutdowns. For what it's worth, the batch files are supposed to display the following, but it shuts off the PC before it can trigger - thanks to some technical hoodoo voodoo, we can show the popup:


....yeah, awesome. Thanks.

Anyway, exploring the video files uploaded by the YouTube user is pretty interesting - here's a shot of a clip where they tell us about an infection they had on their PC:
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.....and here's a shot of a clip where they show us how to "make a fatal virus":
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It's somewhat strange that they're offering help with some videos and directing people to files that cripple your PCs ability to start up with others, but maybe that's the way it is when you're West Side for Life.

And yes, I am profusely sorry for all the lame Gangsta jokes.

Research and Summary Write-Up: Chris Boyd, Director of Malware Research
Technical Research: Peter Jayaraj, FSL Threat Researcher
Technical Research: Chris Mannon, FSL Senior Threat Researcher


That loading bar was taken from GameMaker. It's a program that allows people to make games using Drag and Drop, or code. The files are in EXEs, and someone probably used it for malicious purposes,

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