The Pooo Hijack, and an Empty Sweetbox...

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Here's an interesting roundup of unrelated Chinese oddities for you to get your teeth into. First off, let's look at something that redirects you, you'll see.....


From this file leaps great things - or at least, a bizarrely named hijack:
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That's right, your IE homepage is hijacked (Beta!) and restrictions are placed in the IE settings so you can't change it back easily. The site itself is a typical Chinese multimedia website, with an endless collection of videos and flash animations:
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...yeah, makes no sense to me either. So there we have it, short, sweet and, er, odd.

Next up, something that I came across while looking for something else - sadly, the main site this stuff launches from is apparently dead but that doesn't mean we can't take a look at it:


...well, we all like sweets, right? If you run the executable, you'll see what is presumably a EULA:
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Of course, I have no idea what it says but let's press on anyway:
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I can't be sure, but it looks like some sort of media player. Another offering from the same people gives us a (very limited) web browser:
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...again, with the main site down it doesn't currently do much other than sit there and look nice. However, thanks to the wonderful Internet Archive, we can go back and have a look at the main site:
Click to Enlarge, it looks like a good bet that both of these applications were simply there to serve up the movies and videos from that website. If the site ever comes back online, we might be able to get a firm answer and wrap everything up in a neat little bow or something...

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