Pictures From An Exhibition

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No, not Mussorgsky - InfoSec Europe 2007.
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This is Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure fame and my good self.
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This is a poker game at the Webroot stand. I can play 52 card pickup but that's about it.
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This is a really boring picture of a bunch of stands. I had lots of these and this was the most exciting one. Whoops.
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This is me hanging out with a really tall guy from Hackistan. Um...
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Slightly blurry, but a nice snap of the chaos the night before as painters, plasterers and guys with gigantic wheelie bins ran riot.
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More blurryness, but hey - it's someone popping out of a cardboard box for no good reason whatsoever. That alone is worth saving the image for posterity. I think.
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This poor guy struggled with these huge, uncontrollable balloon things for an age. He's probably still battling with them.
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I'm not sure if this was a really expensive art piece or Giant Jenga. Maybe it was both.

I'd like to say there were more pictures - and there are. Sadly, like so many pictures taken at these sort of events, most of them are blurry disasters. That just about wraps up this post - thanks to all that came over and said hello, I had a great (if vaguely tiring) time!


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