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A long time ago, I signed up to the StatCounter service, though I don't think I ever used it. Well, sometimes I still get email based newsletters and this particular one happened to catch my eye....


A few months back, StatCounter was approached by an advertiser, offered lots of $$$, and asked to include a spyware cookie on all of our member sites?we refused on the spot.

You install StatCounter to track visitors to your site NOT to open yourself and your visitors up to being spied upon by phantom advertising corporations.

It appears, however, that other players in the world of webstats were happy to take up this offer...

Full text can be seen on their blog entry here. However, what really caught my eye was this entry in the comments:

Psst, I know the counter that took the cookie offer and big thumbs down. I visit a site that has it and has the upgraded version which costs them over $20 a month and to add insult to injury they now have the cookie which also tries to redirect them to a strange website - that is when the website LOADS. It gets worse because their site is tied in to a web designer who now charges them to remove the counter code which holds the cookie.

That doesn't sound particularly appealing, does it?


do you think Bravenet has spyware cookies?

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