FaceTime Reports IM & P2P Malware is Packing a Bigger Punch


Our yearly review of Instant Messaging and Peer to Peer threats has hit the streets, and the results can be seen here. A combination of data from recent analysis and the October 2006 Greynets Survey, the overall picture is that of a security landscape where the number of threats has reduced since 2005, but the danger has actually increased. There is also a focus on what these problems mean for businesses, and the fact that these issues affect companies both small and large - no one is immune.

"Despite myriad security technologies employed by enterprise IT managers to block malicious attacks, the user is often the biggest vulnerability, especially on the real-time, socially-networked Web" said Frank Cabri, vice president of marketing for FaceTime Communications. "In 2007, the biggest security risk for organizations is likely to be their own users, as employees install consumer-oriented greynet applications onto their workplace computer faster than the IT team can keep up with the corresponding controls."

...I'm sure if you work in a large environment where everyone is in front of a PC you can relate to the above scenario - how many people do you personally know involved in covert installs of their favourite IM client, game or other program on a work PC? You might want to consider some covert moves yourself next time you see them and warn them of the dangers they're potentially bringing into the office!

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