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Remember the modular Pipeline Worm the Facetime Security Labs Team uncovered recently? The W32.Pipeline Worm, which hit right before the really strange MSN HeartWorm.a...Thanks to the guys Twisted Pair at Network for the mention of the menace.

They also covered some nasty work via another Russian pron attack from our research friends at Sunbelt Software get.

The Pair note the Pipeline Worm, the rootkit element and the botnet menace and give a nice mention of our RTGuardian 500 device which won the Network World Choice Award also see here. We clocked in with a latency of zero milliseconds on executable and nonexecutable and an efficacy of 98.5%! Great job research and great job from engineering.

From the pre show blurb:

Jason and Keith talk about the winners in the Motorola-Symbol deal; more battery recalls involving Sony; a new AOL IM worm that has obvious red-flag warnings; Russian porn site security risks; Life is (Not) Good; iTunes million dollar movie week; and, the continuing HP spy saga. Plus Pigskin Pick'em! (32:39)

Streaming Podcast Page: Located Here

Are on the goal- grab the MP3 and pop it into your player of choice...or whatever you do with your MP3's!


If someone is exploited, yet aware of whom did the exploitation what legal action, if any may be taken to have the images yanked from the web? I'm looking for a little education on the topic.

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