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Mark Foley Scandal Rages On Over Instant Messages (IM)

Excepts and citations from the Wikipedia on the Foley Scandal. To learn more about what this means in terms of government and business and how IM documents should be treated as any other watch this Fox news segment from Kailash Ambwani, CEO of Facetime he covers why words like "guarantee", "rumor" or incidents like the Mark Foley Scandal and not logging Instant Messenging can put a big business at a big risk.

Foley's e-mails to the former Congressional page in Louisiana, who was 16 at the time, said in part:

"I am in North Carolina...and it was 100 in New that's really hot...well do you miss's raining here but 68 degrees so who can argue...did you have fun at your conference...what do you want for your birthday coming up....what stuff do you like to do,"


"I just emailed will...hes such a nice guy...acts much older than his age...and hes in really great shape...i am just finished riding my bike on a 25 mile journey..."

"how are you weathering the hurricane....are you safe?send me an email pic of you as well...."

The instant messages from 2003 that ABC obtained after its initial story were much more explicit than the e-mails from 2005 sent to the Louisiana page, and reportedly with a former page now employed in Oklahoma. According to several former congressional pages, the congressman used the screen name Maf54 on these messages. One exchange included:[

Maf54: do you really do it face down
Teen: ya
Maf54: kneeling
Teen: well i dont use my hand...i use the bed itself
Maf54: where do you unload it
Teen: towel
Maf54: really
Maf54: completely naked?
Teen: well ya
Maf54: very nice
Teen: lol
Maf54: cute butt bouncing in the air

In another exchange, Foley proposed to meet with a former page:

Maf54: I want to see you
Teen: Like I said not til feb?then we will go to dinner
Maf54: and then what happens
Teen: we eat...we drink...who knows...hang out...late into the night
Maf54: and
Teen: I dunno
Maf54: dunno what
Teen: hmmm I have the feeling that you are fishing here...
im not sure what I would be comfortable with...well see

An exchange that took place in April 2003 apparently reveals Foley engaging in cybersex with an eighteen-year-old former page as the House voted on an emergency supplemental appropriations bill to fund the Iraq War; the released portion does not contain the purported cybersex exchange:

Maf54: ok..i better go vote..did you know you would have this effect on me
Teen: lol I guessed
Teen: ya go vote?I don't want to keep you from doing our job
Maf54: can I have a good kiss goodnight
Teen: :-*

In another exchange, Foley appeared to invite the same page to his apartment with a friend to consume alcoholic beverages:

Maf54: we will be adjourned ny then
Teen: oh good
Maf54: by
Maf54: then we can have a few drinks
Maf54: lol
Teen: yes yes ;-)
Maf54: your not old enough to drink
Teen: shhh?
Maf54: ok
Teen: that's not what my ID says
Teen: lol
Maf54: ok
Teen: I probably shouldn't be telling you that huh
Maf54: we may need to drink at my house so we don't get busted

- For another transcript visit ABC News (warning explicit language)

- Kailash Ambwani Video on Foley Incident and Instant Messenger auditing and control.


what is the IM is encrypted or what if the users are using OTR? can the chat still be decrypted?

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