VirusRescue: Keeping Up a Noble Tradition

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...that is, a noble tradition of products you'd probably rather not have on your PC! Building on the success of various other supposed "security products" that arrive on the back of a hijack, VirusRescue is causing something of a stir at the moment across the various security blogs out there.

My take on this here - you can see posts from Security Cadets here and here (particularly entertaining as a rep from VirusRescue posted there) and what is possibly the first mention of this new "product" here (courtesy of Security Ticker). It'll be interesting to see if their spokesperson makes any more appearances...


SpywareWarrior ( has put VirusRescue already on its list of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products accusing it of aggressive, deceptive advertising and stealth installations.

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