Another Dubious Affiliate for Zango?

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Zango haven't been out of the news recently - we've seen Myspace, Warner Brothers and the CDT (Center for Democracy and Technology) all added to the mix and the end-result is probably as fatiguing for the reader as it is for the people writing about it!

However, yet another tale has come to light, and it's not a particularly pleasant one. A pornographic website promoting videos provided by Zango (a pornographic website which, it should be noted, appears in many PC hijacks as you can see here) seems to be attracting visitors by means of a dubious keywords scam.

What's happened is that numerous websites have been set up, stuffed with keywords of an incredibly disgusting nature, that redirect you to the Zango content. A list of keywords has been collected in PDF format by Sunbelt Software. Be warned - it is not pleasant.

You can see thoughts on this from Suzi Turner, Sunbelt and myself.

I'm sure more will be adding their thoughts on this in due course...

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