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Yep, it's Yap time again. The Yap (of course) being Yapbrowser - a free web-browser that served up a whole lot more than end-users were probably bargaining for. Just when you think there's nothing more to write about, something else pops up and gets the whole story moving again. In this case, a tip from RinCe illustrates that there are some people who will still take a gamble on one of the strangest browser stories in years. Step up to the plate, Searchwebme (you'll need to scroll down to the entry dated Tuesday, 12th June):

"More recently the browser it self has been in trouble. We are well aware of Yapbrowser's application history but this is all the in past, this is why were pleased YapBrowser has decided to partner with us, SearchWebMe. We can assure you that the new YapBrowser download does not contain any hidden software, spy-ware, ad-ware or any harmful applications. We will be regularly checking the software and updating."

They link to both Wayne Porter's Interview with a Yapbrowser Representative, and a post from the Sunbelt Blog. Searchwebme appear to be a new(ish) Search Engine, with various portals and services on offer for both the casual surfer and the aspiring webmaster. It will be interesting to see how this particular partnership develops over the coming months. They appear to have been live for a few weeks now and there have been no reports of anything going wrong - we received this tip-off a few weeks ago, but didn't want them to feel like "Big Brother" was watching over them!

Could this finally be the end of what the Yapbrowser people would definitely consider their "bad luck run"?


Chris I would still keep your eye on them. Anything could happen with yapbrowser/yapsearch!

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