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  • Gambing Site Promoted by...Gambling Bots!

Yesterday I wrote about fake Myspace profiles leading to pornographic webcam sites - today, we're looking at a variation on the theme. However, the end result this time is not naked ladies, but gambling software. The profile uses the same bait as the webcam profiles - attractive female, long "about me" section designed to convince the person in the profile is indeed "real":

Click to enlarge

There's also one final lure that the webcam profiles did not have:

"The first night I used a poker bot I won $3,000".

The irony here is that an online gambling website is being pushed by a profile promoting illegal bots - exactly the kind of program that the gambling site would not want being used on their system. Talk about conflict of interest! Of course, if you click the link to "Red Casino", you won't see any Bots - just a website asking you to install the gambling software:

Click to enlarge

From there, gambling fun is just a step away...

Click to enlarge

It goes without saying, but never download any programs you happen to find floating around Myspace - especially when it sounds too good to be true. In this case, you're "only" downloading a piece of online gambling software - but there are far greater risks out there in Myspace land as we've already seen...!

  • Comments

I think anyone using a "bot to gamble" is slightly uhm... breaking not only the law - but is breaking the moral grounds of responsible gaming.

I think gambling should be done responsibly - and those who are using inappropriate ways to market it - especially to the under 18 crowd, are doing irresponsible things.

Just my opinion. I'm a gambler and believe the US should legalize it - so we can have better roads and take care of our own people - instead of letting all those billions in tax dollars slip out of the country. People are going to gamble - it's just in our risk taking nature. My belief is that we should promote only responsible gaming - and provide assistance to those who are problem gamblers.

Just my thoughts on it.

Nice article regarding the bots - but while I tend to disagree with the bait and switch for advertising - I think that your admonishment to not download a gambling casino - is a bit harsh and should be left for the individual to choose or not to choose. (Although hopefully anyone with half a brain will be upset with the bait and switch technique and in turn not download that particular casino LOL!)

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