Official: 180Solutions and Hotbar Merge Become Zango

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Yesterday we reported on speculation of a marriage between Hotbar and 180Solutions. Today it was announced that 180 Solutions had merged with Hotbar. The new name for the company will be Zango and it would probably be correct to assume they are now the largest adware maker on the Internet.

According to the Seattle Times:

Bellevue-based 180solutions, which makes software commonly known as adware, has acquired Hotbar of New York for an undisclosed amount of money. As part of the announcement, 180solutions will be renamed after its consumer brand: Zango.

Adware is an application that users download to their computer to get free content. The application monitors what they are doing online to deliver relevant advertising. In the past, Zango and other companies have been lumped together with spyware, which works similarly, but is typically installed on a computer without permission.

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