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  • Welcome to The New Spyware Guide.com Site & Greynets Blog

Let's Dive Right Into It...

Recently, like my colleague Chris Boyd, I received the Microsoft MVP Award, I thought I might get a raise- instead I received the honor of leading the Greynets Blog! What a task it has been. Imagine having a team of extremely smart and busy analysts, researchers, and engineers from all around the world, many from different cultures, and getting them to settle down to write about their experiences and document some of their findings? Piece of cake right?

Who is This Blog For...

Good question and I have a good answer. The Greynet Blog carries a wide range of information to fit every type of person: the casual PC user, the new PC user, the hard-core technical user, the Enterprise manager, and intermediate users too. We even you use it ourselves!

Rather then try to create a blog that is nothing but complete technical jargon or a blog that caters only to beginners we try to produce a good mix of novice and intermediate material. However, we know there are some hard core programmers, spyware warriors and analysts out there who enjoy a thrill ride all the way into the Matrix and back. Don't worry- we won't leave you out because we like to visit the Matrix too. And if you are a beginner or an intermediate user you can always shoot us a question and we can try to answer it here. That is one of our aims- to educate and help people from all backgrounds understand the impact of the technology and software they use.

Think of the Greynets Blog as a salad bar...you can pick and choose exactly what you want and we never charge for seconds, as a matter of fact we encourage them and you can leave out the bean sprouts if you don't like them.

Haven't I Seen Some of You Guys Before?

Maybe. ..Perhaps in the press or some of you may know me from my Revenews Blog where I bust up the financials on seedy outfits. You may know the infamous Chris Boyd, a.k.a. Paperghost from VitalSecurity.org where he kicks up the action on malware and spyware writers "kung-fu" style and is a recognized CNET Top 100 Blogger as well as a MSFT Security MVP x2! You will soon meet a new legion of bloggers from various disciplines and cultures- Manoj, Deepak, Peter, Charles, Chris, Tyler, Jan (who we call Obijan- which is another story from another galaxy) from across our company.

I promise more individuals will follow as we cover topics from P2P file sharing to securing IM networks and, of course, the ever present threat of spyware, malware and adware and what it means to you. Our goal is to share our experiences deep in the cyber- trenches, to educate both Enterprise users and the home PC user and to do this through opinions backed up by facts and evidence- and hopefully entertain you occasionally. We also intend to drag in some other notables in the security industry, many our colleagues, and get their take on things- and who knows maybe we can drag in an executive or two to get the 10,000 mile (or meter if your from not from the U.S.-assume nothing.) view on the future of security.

So What Is It?

Like many blogs, also known as weblogs, it contains documented experiences from the trenches- often where the real battles happen and we show it to you one bullet at a time, slow motion style, so like Neo, you can avoid the bullets but watch the ripples as they tear up the air.

Some of the experiences are quite comical, some quite sad, but they all carry the message that Internet Security is no longer simply black and white- it comes in various shades of grey. Ultimately it is up to you- the Systems's Administrator of the Home PC User to make decisions on what you want or do not want on your machine or network. Afterall you have that right- it's your property!

So What Can You Expect?

That sounds like an easy question but you really never know because in the field of security we operate on one primary principle- expect the unexpected, and that is what we usually see!

We might take you on wild rides in the Spazbox, or dive into the world of cyber-crime where botnets are used to trade your information like Pokemon cards, or bring you interviews from the Digital Underground, or even connect ballons, clowns and spyware. Who knows we might even take you on deep dives into botnets in the Middle East doing all kinds of strange mayhem or show how sneaky rogues REALLY get their software into your system. Of course we will also explore one of my favorite topics- the EULA, or end user license agreement, which I like to put into a blender and hit them with a high speed frappe..

Really, we promise, it usually isn't a dull day at the office and on the rare occasions it is- we drag Obijan and PaperGhost from the Batcave and into a room and force them to sign autographs.

OK- We're Interested- Wrap It Up Porter!

Good idea- we don't want random ramblings although I imagine we will have a few!

This is where the tire hits the road. This is where the blazing, gun slinging action takes place on the virtual battlefield. Sometimes it becomes games of cloak and dagger and many times it is countless hours spent reviewing files, sweeping the Internet for malware and stuff that is just plain tedious- like filing TPS Reports (Yes- we have TPS Reports).

However, it must be done and it is important to recognize that no one member of any team can accomplish it all- we rely heavily on team work and have members in highly specialized proficiencies as well as trained anti-spyware specialists. This also includes our alliances with other anti-spyware activists, technical users and other security forums and sites.

It's a united front and the battle is on! Again we welcome you to the Greynets Blog Release 1.0. The beginning of the conversation...

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