Warner Brothers and 180Solutions Equals Zango for Soap.

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Chris Boyd checked in from the, It's too insane not to be true department, and now we have another piece of ripped-up reality that makes you wonder what rock ad agencies hide under or perhaps who dinged them in the head with a rock?

According to Media Post 180Solutions and Warner Brothers are working in tandem.

Several bloggers have picked up on this this connection, my favorite was from Chris Kramer of Netexponent who said:

According to today's Media Post online, media giant Warner Brothers has been working with controversial adware company 180 Solutions to distribute their online soap opera "Deception". Can anyone think of a more appropriate title for 180 to be featuring?

(Random and Pointless Trivia: Blogger Chris Kramer is vegetarian and once accidentally ate a scallop mistaking it for a tater tot. This is true.)

Kramer's take is appropriate indeed.

Is this is why 180Solutions has been so silent about UA Porn distribution fiasco complete with interview that details their "harsh" testing process? The fiasco is spelled out in big glowing letters during this interview I conducted. Both in Russian and English and taken apart by PaperGhost over at VitalSecurity.

So let's rewind and back-up and look at what was going on while Warner Brothers and 180 were making web content...

Andrew Clover checks in with some candid evidence on one distributor. It comes complete with a video of pornography- not your run of the mill porn but what appears to be child porn. Link to Video- illegal images have been obscured.(Note special Codec may be required to view.)

Chris Boyd provides more technicolor here. Sunbelt Software gives us the possible Russian background connection. and finally TechDirt asks some more questions....

Suzi Turner of ZDNET's Spyware Confidential asks the ultimate question: "What legitimate company would want to be affiliated with 180solutions after learning of 180's apparent liaison with child porn and CoolWebSearch?"

Well now I have the answer for you Suzi- Warner Brothers!

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boycott for me. The gall of WB is incredible.

Scandalous to say the least. I agree with consumer boycott to send a message. Money is the motive and will be what they listen to.

I have also posted links to comment and make people aware on two websites I help run. Totalling several thousand people in the memberships.

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