The Hidden Implications of the Blue Security Takedown.

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Blue Security just threw in the towel. Regardless of what you think of them or their methods let's ponder the implications for the Internet thus far.

The story thus far...

A few fake viagra peddling spammers have taken down:

I'm sure I missed some things for this list, but it is a good snapshot of some of the damage.

What can be learned here?

It seems that a bunch of badly organized spammers can take down any website or other part of the Internet on a whim. Without detection and without repercussions.

Why should we care?

Imagine for second, that an attack like this was executed by an organization that was more motivated and and more funded? Imagine if they would attack something more important?

See it yet?
If not, here are some hints:

- Don't think motivated like in "these guys really ticked me off". Think motived as in "I would gladly die for this cause."
- Don't think funded like in "the spare change from my last cialis spamming run". Think funded as in "the millions in laundered bank account from friendly sponsors".
- Don't think important like in "millions of people read these blogs". Think important as in "millions of people depend on this system for their immediate safety and health".

More on the subject when I get out from underneath the desk. I really should have taken the blue pill. It's just that it looks so much like the fake viagra.

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