Return of The Yap Browser

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In a surprising twist the YapBrowser project is back online and loose on the Internet or at least the site is back online.


This time the website claims:

"YapBrowser is a browser which will make searching for any information online much simpler. Download YapBrowser for free and forget about getting to sites containing harmful exploits. Your computer will be free from viruses breeding online. Attention! You can download a 100% free adult version of YapBrowser. Using it you will be able to search for and browse adult content for free. There is a 100% guarantee no system infection will occur when using our software. YapBrowser is the only browser which gives you safe search and browsing capabilities. Now you can download it for no cost at all.

So it is an adult version this time around and the user is getting a warning upfront and you guessed it- it's free and now backed by a 100% guarantee you won't experience a "system infection".

For those who are new to the saga you can check out the interview with the creators behind the software as well as some general advice. It is a lengthy read.

YapBrowser The InterviewYapBrowser Questions and E-mail Interview
Yapbrowser...Not Something You'd Want to Plugin To!

Naturally we do not recommend the software given the highly debatable history behind it.

Thus far our tests indicate:

1. Yapbrowser is up for download
2. The MD5 of the main executable is same as the earlier file.
3. There were no third party downloads seen nor there were any third party DNS queries made the download.
4. Currently the software is not working properly.(Receive 404 error pages for every URL entered).
5. Currently is redirected to
6. Adult Browser download link is not active.
7. No Phone Home activity seen.

We'll be watching, but I suggest user's steer clear.

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Some time ago we`ve reported about the adware: YapBrowser, potentially dangerous application that pre-installs 180Solutions Zango and does nothing but apparently redirect you to a porn site.? Read more: YapBrowser and Yapsearch(dot)com now yapbrowser ... Read More


doesn't the screenshot sum it up? "Don't waste.........."

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