FTC Gets Heavy with Sanford Wallace...


Sanford Wallace is the guy responsible for plastering alarming messags across end-user's desktops, related to a hijack called Spy Wiper and Spy Deleter. As you might have guessed, he's now in a whole world of trouble with the FTC. For more information on Sanford (and his, er, lovely nickname) click here. For the full list of "really bad things" (TM) done in the name of mass emailing and Spyware pushing, check out the page on the FTC website. Notable quotables?...

"A default judgment against Wallace and Smartbot.Net orders them to give up $4,089,500 in ill-gotten gains. "

"Lansky, an ad broker who disseminated ads containing Wallace's spyware, will give up $227,000 in ill-gotten gains."


For more coverage on this issue check out Steve Shubitz at Stopscum.com He even has some of
Sanford's most treasured posts.

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