A Tiny Botnet...

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...with the potential to turn into a raging beast, or something. Check this out, it's what you might call a "holiday snap" from inside a real-live Botnet, minus the fake tan and short-shorts:

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The most users this channel has ever had in it at one time is 18. However, the channel had a fair amount of activity in it while I was there...infected users kept dropping in and out at regular intervals. Could be one to keep an eye on.

Of course, what's even more fun than keeping an eye on a Botnet, is trying to get it shut down. Yes, it'll probably just re-emerge somewhere else, but you have to keep these guys on their toes. It's the only way to go...


what can we do in order to get botnets down?

There are numerous schools of thought on this - some people tackle them in strictly legal ways (contacting hosts, abuse contacts, IRC Server Admins etc), and others take a more "direct" approach, on the basis that what these people are doing is illegal, so why shouldn't similarly non-legal tactics be employed to shut them down. If you find a Botnet, you can always report it via our "Spyspotters" page (the link i somewhere on the right I think).

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